Envelope "Victorious New Year!"

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Envelope "Victorious New Year!"

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This year's Christmas and New Year holidays will be special for Ukrainians: some of them will celebrate them at the frontline, defending their homeland, some in foreign countries, protecting their children, and some in their hometown or village, holding the back. Ukrainians now, like no other, realize the value of freedom and a peaceful sky, when the closest relatives can gather to feel the family warmth and wish each other the fulfillment of the most cherished dream - our VICTORY. According to the results of the popular vote, as the best sketch for the New Year and Christmas postage stamps of Ukraine in wartime was recognized the work of eleventh-grader Valeria Mykhailova "Divided by War", for which more than 15.5 thousand respondents voted. The drawing depicts a girl and a Ukrainian soldier who are forced to celebrate the New Year separately because of the war: she - at home alone, he - at the front. Continuation of the story is in the plot of the First Day Cover: they are finally together, celebrating the next New Year, looking at the festive fireworks outside the window and making plans for the future in a free, strong and peaceful Ukraine.


  • Author Valeria Mykhaylova
  • Printing 100 000
  • Size C6

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