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3D wooden construction toy «Ukrposhta Semi-Trailer Truck»

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3D wooden construction toy «Ukrposhta Semi-Trailer Truck»

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The 3D wooden construction toy "Ukrposhta Semi-Trailer Truck" will help connoisseurs of trucks and other automotive topics have an incredible time.
We know that our customers usually assemble all the toys with their children, and we believe this fantastic activity for spending time together will bring you closer!

The assembly process itself is a game where you need to look for parts marked with numbers and follow the instructions to connect them. Believe us, it's a lot of fun!

The assembly process takes several hours and fascinates children from the first moment.

The model itself is pretty big. And by the way, you can play with the assembled truck: it has spinning wheels!
Order the toy for yourself, your children and friends in the Ukrposhta online store, and pick it up at the nearest post office.


  • Size 65*43*250 mm
  • Manufacturer Mr.Playwood
  • Material plywood

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