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Card "Warriors of light. Warriors of goodness"

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Card "Warriors of light. Warriors of goodness"

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The war that russia started against Ukraine continues both on the front and in the rear. The enemy uses tactics of destruction of critical infrastructure, which is especially vulnerable for civilians in winter. By its insidious actions, russia hopes to break the will of Ukrainians, plunge the country into "darkness", weaken the determination of Ukraine to go to Victory. But the enemy miscalculated. Just like with the plans to "take Kyiv in three days". Despite regular massive rocket attacks targeting thermal power plants, power lines, gas facilities, Ukrainians have demonstrated courage, endurance and ingenuity by lighting their homes and public institutions with candles, charging stations and generators. Ukrainians are deeply grateful to the specialists of the special services who selflessly restore the roadway and communication 24/7 after the enemy missile attacks and return light, heat and gas to the homes of Ukrainians.


  • Artist Oleksandr Nikityuk
  • Printing 100 000
  • Isuue date (year) 15.02.2023

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