Stamp booklet "Ancient postal routes" EUROPA 2020

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Stamp booklet "Ancient postal routes" EUROPA 2020

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On foot, with a bag over his shoulder, at any time of the year, in any weather and under any circumstances - he always covered a mountain path of almost 60 kilometers to Uzhhorod and back every day. Fedir Feketa - a native of the Transcarpathian village of Turya Remeta, a legendary figure, a marathon postman - delivered mail for thirty long years and became a real symbol of "friendliness, sobriety, honesty and service." And the world's first postman monument was built for him. Initially, a memorial board with a bas-relief of the village postman appeared on the facade of the local church in the 19th century. And in 2003, a monument was erected in the Transcarpathian regional center of Perechyn.


  • Artist I. Medvedovska
  • Issue date 2020
  • Printing 9 000

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