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Yearset of postage stamps of Ukraine in souvenir cover 2008

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Yearset of postage stamps of Ukraine in souvenir cover 2008

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The yearset of postage stamps of Ukraine 2008 contains a complete set of postage stamps, blocks, and stamp sheets issued by Ukrposhta during the year. Individual issues of postage stamps have already become scarce and cannot be found in philatelic shops of Ukrposhta. List of postage stamps included in the set: postage block Cats (6 st x 1.00)
postage block Crimean nature reserve (4 st x 1.00) 4 st
postage stamp I Aries small (1.00)
postage stamp I Taurus (1.00)
postage stamp We are the Twins (1.00)
postage stamp I Cancer (1.00)
postage stamp I am a real live Lion (1.00)
postage stamp I am a real Virgo (1.00)
postage stamp I am the most accurate Libra (1.00)
postage stamp I don't know why, but I'm just a Scorpio (1.00) Artistic postage stamp I am a sharp shooter (1.00)
postage stamp A I Capricorn (1.00)
postage stamp I am an Aquarius (1.00)
postage stamp I Goldfish (1.00)
postage stamp Taras Shevchenko . Gypsy fortune teller. 1841 (1.00)
postage stamp Taras Shevchenko . Catherine 1842 (1.52)
postage stamp Taras Shevchenko . Self portrait. 1840 (2.47)
postage stamp Christ the Risen (1.00)
postage stamp TEP10 series diesel passenger locomotive (1.00)
postage stamp 2TE10L main line diesel locomotive (1.00)
postage stamp Main locomotive series M62 (1.00)
postage stamp Main line diesel locomotive of the TE109 series (1.00)
postage stamp Christmas carols (1.00)
postage stamp Vesnyanka-haivka (1.00) Artistic postage stamp Cossack songs (1.00)
postage stamp Chumatsky songs (1.00)
postal stamp Ukrainian-Swedish military and political alliances of the 17th-18th centuries. (1.00)
postage stamp of the 11th National Philological Exhibition. Chernivtsi (1.00)
postage stamp of Chernivtsi-600 years (1.00)
postage stamp of 1708. The Baturyn tragedy (1.00)
postage stamp Merry Christmas! (1.00)
postal stamp Happy New Year! (1.00)
postage stamp Marko Vovchok (1.00)
postage stamp Vyacheslav Chornovil (1.00) Artistic postage stamp XXIX Olympic Games. Beijing-2008 (1.00;1.30;2.47;3.33) 4 st
postage stamp Letter. Europe-2008 (2.47+3.33) 2 st
postage stamp 200 years from the birthday of M. Gogol (1.52+2.47) 2 st
stamp sheet Clock (9m x 1.00)
postage stamp Joint issue Ukraine-Azerbaijan (2.47+3.33) 2 st
stamp sheet Traditional headdresses of Ukrainians (12x1.00) 12 st
postage stamp Crimea. Feast of the Transfiguration-Baptism (2m x 1.00) 2 st
postage stamp of Dnipropetrovsk region. Wedding-Dozhinka (2m x 1.00) 2 st
postage stamp of Luhansk region. Saint Cyril and Methodius-Spyridon the Wonderworker (2m x 1.00) 2 st
postage block Dogs (6 x 1.00) 6 st postage block A. Sereda 90 r. to the first postage stamps of Ukraine (2.47+3.33) 2 st
postage block G.Narbut. 90 the first stamps of Ukraine (1.00+2.47+3.33) 3 st
postage block Mykhailivskyi Zolotoverkhi Monastery . 900 years (3.33)
postage block Ukrainian folk clothes (6.00)


  • Issue date 2008

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