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Yearset of postage stamps of Ukraine in souvenir cover 2012

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Yearset of postage stamps of Ukraine in souvenir cover 2012

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The yearset of postage stamps of Ukraine 2012 contains a complete set of postage stamps, blocks, and stamp sheets issued by Ukrposhta during the year. Individual issues of postage stamps have already become scarce and cannot be found in philatelic shops of Ukrposhta. List of postage stamps included in the set:

postage stamp 200 r. from T. Shevchenko's birthday. Fortification Raim (2.00) ,

postage stamp 200 r. from T. Shevchenko's birthday. Moonlit night on Kos-Aral (2.50) ,

postage stamp 350 years old. city ​​of Iv-Frankivsk (Stanislaviv) (2.00) ,

postage stamp Mykhailo Stelmakh. 100th birthday (2.00) , postage stamp Wooden wagon (2.00),

postage stamp Passenger car model 61-788 (2.00),

postage stamp Passenger car model 61-779G (2.00),

postage stamp XIII National Film Exhibition "Ukrfilexp-2012" (2.00),

postage stamp Pavlo Popovych (2.00),

postage stamp featuring Ginsburg's Skyscraper. 100 years (2.00), postage stamp of the year 1800, Sudak (2.00),

postage stamp My dear Ukraine! (2.00) ,

postage stamp 500 years of Chigyrin (2.00) ,

postage stamp Battle of the Blue Waters (2.00),

postage stamp Andriy Malyshko.1912-1970 (2.00) ,

postal stamp National clothing (2.00),

postage stamp of the village of Dilove-Ukraine - the geographical center of Europe (4.00; 5.60) Clip 2m,

postage stamp Sport (2x2.00; 2.50; 5.30) Coupling 4m,

postage stamp Iron Bearer Bosorkan (2.00; 2.50) Hook 2m,

stamp sheet 7 wonders of Ukraine: castles, fortresses, palaces (7x2.50) 7m, postage stamp Happy New Year and Christmas! (2x2.00) Hitch 2m,

postage stamp Film Man with a film camera 1929 (2x2.00) Clip 2m,

postage block Postal stamps of the USSR (2.00; 2.50; 4.30; 4.80) 4m,

postage block Ukrainian yard (3x2.00; 2x2.50) 5m,

postage block Shchedra Ukraine. Summer (2x2.00; 2.50; 3.30) 4m,

postage block 80 years of Donetsk region (2.00) ,

postal block Nikitsky Botanical National Scientific Center (2x2.00; 2.50; 5.30) 4m,

postal block Windmills of Ukraine (2.00; 2.50; 3.30; 4.80) 4m,

postal block of Amphibians of Ukraine (2x2.00; 4.30; 2x5.40) 5m,

pPostal block 20 since the approval of the State Flag, Coat of Arms and Anthem (2.00; 3.00) 2m


  • Issue date 2012

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