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Book with stamps "Postage stamps of Ukraine 2020" (without EUROPA blocks)

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Book with stamps "Postage stamps of Ukraine 2020" (without EUROPA blocks)

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The presentation annual book "Postage stamps of Ukraine" contains a complete set of postage stamps, blocks, and stamp sheets issued by Ukrposhta during the year. Individual issues of postage stamps have already become scarce and cannot be found in philatelic shops of Ukrposhta.

Each issue is accompanied by an artistic description and technical specifications in two languages ​​- Ukrainian and English. The book also features First Day envelopes with First Day cancellation.

Postage stamps are embedded in the book with the help of astrip, which ensures their safe storage and mobility. List of postage stamps included in the book: stamp No. 1805 “Ludvig van Beethoven. 1770-1827”, stamp No.1806 “They survived! The concrete did not withstand!”, stamp No. 1807 “200 years of  discovery of Antarctic”, stamp No. 1808 “We remember. 1/9/1939. 2/9/1945”, stamp No. 1809 “Frontline”, Stamp No. 1810 “Burshtyn, Ivano-Frankivsk Region”, Stamp  No. 1811 “Staryi Merchyk village, Kharkiv Region”, stamp No. 1814 “Ivan Franko National Drama Theatre. 100 years”, stamp No. 1812 “Postman Fedir Feketa”,  stamp No. 1815 “Philadelphus L.”, stamp No.1816 “Lavandula L.”, stamp No. 1817 “Sofiia Karaffa-Korbut. Lukash and Mavka (Song of the Woods)”, stamp No. 1818 “Sofiia Karaffa-Korbut. Rusalka and Kuts (Song of the Woods)”, stamp No. 1819 “Distinction of the Iron Cross”, stamp No. 1820 “I. Botko. Queue for bread. 1967”, block No. 179 “Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine. Kherson Region”, Stamp No. 1825 “Schönborn Castle”, Stamp No. 1826 “Christmas”, Stamp No. 1827 “In the field”, Stamp No. 1828 “Stern polka dance”, block No. 181 “Cultural epochs of Ukraine. Scythians”,  block No. 180 of the series “Lighthouses of Ukraine”, postage stamps of the series «Ukrainian Alphabet” in stamp sheet, Stamp No.1848 “Kryvche village, Ternopil Region”, Stamp No.1849 “Fontanka village, Odesa Region”, Stamp No. 1850 “Zolotonosha town, Cherkasy Region”, Stamp No. 1851 “Tetiiv town, Kyiv Region”, stamps No.No.1852 –1859 in the stamp sheet “Red Data Book of Ukraine. Birds of Prey”, Stamp No. 1860 “Armored personnel carrier BTR-4 MB1”, Stamp No. 1861 “System BM-21 UM “Berest”, Stamp No. 1862 “Cossack of the 1st Ukrainian regiment named after Bohdan Khmelnytskyi”, Stamp No. 1863 “Cossack of the 1st Ukrainian Syniozhupanna Division”, Stamp No. 1864 “Cossack of separate detachment of Sich Riflemen”, stamp No. 1865 «Kyrylo Osmak. 1890-1960”, stamp No. 1867 “Mykhailo Starytskyi. 1840–1904”, stamp No. 1866 “Marko Kropyvnytsyi (S. Hruzberh)”, stamps “Knights of the spirit. Figures of the Ukrainian human rights movement” No. 1868, No. 1869, No. 1870, in a form of a se-tenat of three stamps, stamp No. 1871 “Mavka. Forest Song” on self-adhesive paper, Stamp No. 1872 “Viaduct, Vorokhta”, block No. 182 “Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine. Ivano-Frankivsk Region”, stamps No.No.1877-1878 “Dukach” – “Tumar” of the joint issue Ukraine-Kyrgyz Republic on the theme “Jewelry”, stamp No. 1879 “M. Prymachenko. Blue bull”, stamp No. 1880 “Cossacks” on self-adhesive paper, block No. 183 of the series “Ukrainian folk costumes”, stamps No.No. 1887 –1893 in stamp sheet “Stained-glass windows of old Lviv”


  • Issue date 2021
  • Printing 2000

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