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Card "Kherson is Ukraine!" meeting

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Card "Kherson is Ukraine!" meeting

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Every Ukrainian expects news about freedom of Kherson. Ukrposhta has no doubt in deoccupation of the city by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and that is way beforehand prepared such expected and symbolic postage stamp – “Kherson is Ukraine!” . Cover “First Day”, non-stamped decorative cover and card will be issued with the stamp. Central object of the postage stamp is a piece of a water melon - the symbol of Kherson and Kherson Region. Seeds of the water melon are represented in the form of rockets, by which russians attacked the city. The piece of water melon contains objects which were present in the temporary occupation of the city: protests of citizens, destroyed buildings. Selvages of the stamp sheet contain the map of Ukraine with mentioning of deoccupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine city-hero Kherson. Besides, Cover “First Day” depicts Ukrainian military man, who returns temporally occupied part of Ukraine, like a piece of water melon. Non-stamped decorative cover and card illustrate chronicles of the period of temporally occupied city – protests of citizens of Kherson against occupants. Author of the issue – Andrii Sahach, famous artist as the winner of the national stage of the competition of drafts for the stamp “Peace – the highest value of humanity!”, as well as the cover with original stamp “Spring will come again!”.


  • Author Andriy Sagach
  • Printing 200 000
  • Isuue date (year) 2022

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