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300 years of dreams of statehood; 105 years of struggle for free Ukraine; 31 years of building independence; 8 years of defense of sovereignty and borders. On February 24, 2022, russia began a new phase of the eight-year war against Ukraine - a full-scale offensive that has been going on for 6 months. Unexpectedly, the invaders faced enormous resistance from the Ukrainians. Due to the resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Self-Defense Forces, the russian army suffers daily huge losses in manpower and equipment. And although the enemy carries out massive missile and bomb attacks on peaceful Ukrainian cities and villages every day, organizing the genocide of the Ukrainian people, the nation remains invincible. 

In the struggle for freedom, Ukrainians demonstrate incredible displays of heroism, patriotism, indomitability, love for their Motherland, each at their place, making their most important contribution to the Victory. With postal issue "FREE. UNDREAKABLE. INVINCIBLE" we honor Ukrainians who have become real heroes for the whole world!


  • Author Anton Khrupin
  • Printing 200 000
  • Isuue date (year) 2022
  • Size C6

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