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Book with stamps "Postage stamps of Ukraine 2019" (with EUROPA issue)

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Book with stamps "Postage stamps of Ukraine 2019" (with EUROPA issue)

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Year book with stamps "Postage stamps of Ukraine" contains a complete set of postage stamps, blocks, and stamp sheets issued by Ukrposhta during the year. Individual issues of postage stamps have already become scarce and cannot be found in philatelic shops of Ukrposhta.

Each issue is accompanied by an artistic description and technical specifications in two languages ​​- Ukrainian and English.

The book also features First Day envelopes with First Day cancellation.

Postage stamps are embedded in the book with the help of astrip, which ensures their safe storage and mobility.

List of postage stamps included in the book: stamp No. 1718 “100 years of Proclamation of the Act Zluky of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the West Ukrainian People’s Republic”, block No. 169 “Cimmerians. Cultural epochs of Ukraine”, stamps “Love is…” No.1720, No. 1721, No. 1722, No. 1723 on self-adhesive paper, stamp No.1724 “The 70th Anniversary of Council of Europe (Our rights, our freedoms, our Europe)”, stamp No.1725 “EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS. 60”, stamp No.1726 “Oleksandr Vertynskyi. 1889-1957”, Stamp No.1727 “Church of St John the Precursor, Kerch, Autonomous Republic of Crimea”, Stamp № 1728 “Easter”, Stamp № 1729 “Spin”, Stamp № 1730 “Dance “Serra”, Stamp No. 1731 “F.Krychevskyi. Triptych “Life” (Love). 1925–1927”, stamp No. 1734 “Valerii Lobanovskyi. 1939-2002”, stamps of the series “Ukrainian alphabet” in a stamp sheet, stamp No. 1746 “Kyiv cake”, Stamp No. 1747 “Ciconia ciconia”, Stamp No. 1748 “Luscinia luscinia”, block No. 170 “National birds. Stork”, block No. 171 “National birds. Nightingale”, Stamp No.1751 “Monument to Volodymyr the Great. 1853. Kyiv”, block No. 172 “Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine. Kyiv”, Stamp No. 1757 “Rifleman of Ukrainian Galychyna Army (UGA)”, Stamp No. 1758 “Cossack of the mounted regiment of Black Zaporozhians”, stamp No. 1759 “Glory to Ukraine!” on self-adhesive paper, Stamp No. 1760 “Mine waste, Makiivka”, block No.173 “Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine. Donetsk Region”, block No. 174 “100 years. Odessa film studio”, block No. 175 “Mezyn National Nature Park”, stamp No. 1772 “Panteleimon Kulish (1819-1897)”, stamp of the series “Ukrainian churches abroad” No. 1773 “St. Sophia Cathedral. Rome”, Stamp No. 1774 “Shirt (fragment). Chernivtsi Region”, Stamp No.1775 “Shirt (fragment). Cherkasy Region”, Stamp No. 1776 “Shirt (fragment). Volyn Region”, Stamp No. 1777 “Shirt (fragment). Chernihiv Region”, stamp No. 1778 “The Vyshhorod Mother of God Icon”, stamp No. 1779 “1000 years of the reigning of Yaroslav the Wise”, stamp No.1780 “UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION. 145 YEARS. DELIVERING DEVELOPMENT”, stamp No. 1781 “Zakhar Berkut”, block of the series “Famous families of Ukraine” No. 176 “The Galagany” of 3 stamps, stamp of the series “The Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine” No. 1785 “Archangel Michael (mosaics). Kyiv”, stamp No.1786 “The men of Sixties. Ivan Svitlychnyi. 1929-1992”, stamps No.No. 1787 –1794 in stamp sheet “The Red Data Book of Ukraine. Freshwater fishes”, stamps No.No. 1795–1799, printed as a se-tenant in stamp sheet “Happy holidays!”, block No. 177 “The Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine. Lviv Region”, Stamp No. 1804 “Maksym Kisiliov. Before rain. Lviv”


  • Issue date 2020
  • Printing 2000

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