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ANTONOV COLLECTIBLES: Small Stories of Great Aviation

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ANTONOV COLLECTIBLES: Small Stories of Great Aviation

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ANTONOV COLLECTIBLES: Short stories of great aviation.

"ANTONOV COLLECTIBLES" starts the book series that contemplate the Oleg Antonov design bureau history through the eyes of the staff photographers. They've been capturing Kyiv aircraft makers' everyday routines for decades. Antonov Heritage Center archive preserves 60 years of chronicles featuring a unique mix of historical and artistic values. 

They've been kept intact for many years, isolated from the eyes of the world. Today we carefully select, restore, and annotate them. We compiled some of them into a book for the first time. It peeks into the little-known stories of the generations of numerous talented creators of the legendary "AN" aircraft series. 

Antonov company is a high-tech aviation engineering enterprise, a world-scale scientific and cultural phenomenon with a rich and diverse background. Nineteen stories and 340 photos tell its tale through authentic colors and images. 

Part of the proceeds from this publication go to the post-war recovery and further development of the Antonov Company. 

It allows our glorious past to invest in a high-tech Ukrainian future.


  • Author Anton Dovbush
  • Issue date 2022
  • Language Multilingual (UA + En, ru)
  • Publisher Antonov Company
  • Subject Aviation history
  • Number of pages 424
  • Weight 2,670 g.
  • ISBN 978-617-8030-19-3
  • Size 280x35x250 mm

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