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Yearset of postage stamps of Ukraine in souvenir cover 2009

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Yearset of postage stamps of Ukraine in souvenir cover 2009

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The yearset of postage stamps of Ukraine 2009 contains a complete set of postage stamps, blocks, and stamp sheets issued by Ukrposhta during the year. Individual issues of postage stamps have already become scarce and cannot be found in philatelic shops of Ukrposhta. List of postage stamps included in the set: postage block "Gorgany" Nature Reserve (4x1.50) 4 st
postage stamp of Stepan Bandera (1.00)
postage stamp Stepan Rudanskyi (1.00)
postage stamp Sholom Aleichem (2.20)
postage stamp Taras Shevchenko . Peasant family (1.50)
postage stamp Taras Shevchenko . Portrait of I.I. Lyzoguba (1.50) Taras postage stamp Shevchenko. Portrait of E.V. Keikuatova (1.50)
postage stamp Electric shunting locomotive of the VL41 series (1.50)
postage stamp Electric shunting locomotive of the VL26 series (1.50)
postal stamp Main locomotive 2TE116 (1.50)
postage stamp Mainline diesel locomotive 2TE121 (1.50)
postage stamp Merry Christmas! (1.50)
postage stamp Haydamatsky songs (1.50)
postage stamp Funny songs (1.50)
postage stamp Songs of love (2.00)
postage stamp Wedding songs (2.00) Artistic postage stamp Ukrainian Main Liberation Council. 65 years old since creation (1.50)
postage stamp Happy New Year! (Santa Claus) (1.50)
postage stamp Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking named after V. Tairov (1.50)
postage stamp Massandra. Lev Golitsyn (1.50)
postage stamp People's Movement of Ukraine for Perestroika. 20 years (1.50)
postage stamp Preservation of polar regions and glaciers (2x3.30) 2 st
postage stamp Europe-2009 Astronomy (3.75;5.25) 2 st Artistic postage stamp Joint issue of Ukraine-China (3.85; 5.40) 2 st
postage block the Kyiv Zoo-100 years (3.20)
postage block Mykola Gogol. 200 from the day of birth (1.50; 2.20) 2 st
postage block Lighthouses of Ukraine (6x1.50) 6 st
postage block Minerals of Ukraine (1.50; 1.90; 2.00; 2.20; 3.30; 4.85) 6 st


  • Issue date 2009

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