Art postcard "Feel Ukraine" Sonia Moroziuk

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Art postcard "Feel Ukraine" Sonia Moroziuk

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We are scattered everywhere, but more united than ever. We are united by a colossal faith despite pain and fatigue. We are united by indescribable love, which is manifested in everything: in the daily "how are you?", interrupted by the sounds of sirens, and the bitter "I miss you", because no one knows when we will hug again. We don't know if the last words will be spoken and written, so we don't scatter them in vain. We fall asleep and wake up with a smartphone in our hands to tell the world the truth and not miss an important fundraiser. We stick together and just hang on.

We are the remaining Ukrainians. We are Ukrainians who were forced to leave our homes, but above all we want to return.

And even if there is nowhere to turn, we will rebuild and rebuild. We are Ukrainians who emigrated, but with Ukraine in every cell.

To support Ukrainians from all over the world, Ukrposhta issues postcards, the sketches for which are paintings by Sonya Moroziuk. Send to loved ones, because there is always an opportunity.


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