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Postage stamp set «And there will be spring!» (block, 4 cards, envelope)

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Postage stamp set «And there will be spring!» (block, 4 cards, envelope)

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"And there will be spring!" is a stamp issue with the most iconic wartime photographs honoring the heroic resistance of Ukrainians to the Russian aggressor that has been going on for 10 years already. Each stamp is a separate photo. Stamp No. 2072 "Seizure of the Belbek Airport. Sevastopol, 2014" is a commemorative photograph of the war launched by Russia against Ukraine in 2014 with the occupation of Crimea. The photo capturing the episode of the seizure of the Belbek airport in Sevastopol was taken by the Polish photographer Kuba Kaminsky/PAP, who miraculously managed to hide the image from the Russian invaders, so that the whole world could see it. Stamp No. 2073 "Love Can't Be Stopped! Kharkiv, 2022" by Sergey Bobok/AFP immortalizes a fragile moment of love: volunteer medics at a wedding photo shoot in the courtyard of a building destroyed by Russian missiles in Kharkiv in the spring of 2022. Stamp No. 2074 "Light Will Win! Azovstal. Mariupol, 2022" features a warrior in the sunshine at Azovstal, a legendary self-portrait taken by a defender with the call sign "Orest", Dmytro Kozatski in May 2022 during the heroic defense of the Mariupol "fortress". Stamp No. 2075 "Hands of an Infantryman. Bakhmut, 2023" features a photo of an infantryman of the 28th Brigade with the call sign "Snowball", taken by Maxim Dondyuk a few hundred meters from enemy trenches on the outskirts of Bakhmut in March 2023. The photos reproduced on the postage stamps have won prestigious awards: "Seizure of the Belbek Airport" won first place in the Grand Press Photo 2014 competition; "Light Will Win!" and "Love Can't Be Stopped!" were included in The Guardian list of the best photos of 2022; "Hands of an Infantryman" was included in the selection of the best photos of 2023 by the Time magazine. The postage set "And there will be spring!" includes: a postage stamp block "And there will be spring!", a C6 art envelope and four cards.


  • Designer Volodymyr Taran
  • Printing block 250 000
  • Nominal value №№ 2072, 2073 – U, №№ 2074, 2075 – F
  • Isuue date (year) 2024
  • The number of stamps in the block 4

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