Stamp block "Glorious families of Ukraine. Galagany"

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Stamp block "Glorious families of Ukraine. Galagany"

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Postage block "Glorious families of Ukraine" "Galagany"

Galagany - Cossack sergeant, later a noble family in the Right Bank and Left Bank Ukraine 2nd half. XVII - beginning The twentieth century, which originates from the Cossack Ivan Galagan.

The most famous representative of this genus was Hryhoriy Pavlovych Galahan - a great landowner in Poltava and Chernihiv regions, public figure, Ukrainophile, philanthropist. Materially supported Ukrainian artists, writers, financed the publication of the magazine "Kiev Antiquity" and others.

Mr. Galagan was one of the founders of the men's and women's gymnasium in Pryluky, as well as the organizer and founder of the Paul Galagan College, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Kyiv, opened in honor of his late son Paul.

In an obituary on Galagan's death in September 1888, the newspaper Kiyanin wrote: public good ".


  • Author Volodymyr Taran
  • Issue date 10.10.2019
  • Printing 30 000 copies
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  • Ukrposhta catalogue number 1782-1784 (176)

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