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Postage set "Fighters of Evil"

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Postage set "Fighters of Evil"

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International partners continue supporting Ukraine. The reinforcement of Ukrainian Air Force with state-of-the-art American F-16 aircraft, renowned as one of the finest and most cost-effective jet fighters worldwide, has the potential to change the balance in favor of Ukraine and significantly impact the trajectory of the russian-Ukrainian war. The F-16, which has been used in numerous wars, now stands as the most widely produced fourth-generation fighter jet, serving in multiple nations.  Maksym Palenko, author of the "Fighters of Evil" postal issue, has metaphorically depicted the destruction of the moscow kremlin, a symbol of the oppressive Evil Empire, by reducing it to fragments through the force of a fighter jet grater. The cover of his work showcases a knight wearing a trident helmet, embodying the nobility, strength, and dedication of the Ukrainian army in defending their homeland.

The set

Sheet "Fighters of Evil"
Envelope "Fighters of Evil"
Card "Fighters of Evil"


  • Artist Maxim Palenko
  • Printing stamps 600 000 copies
  • Nominal value F+16,00
  • Isuue date (year) 2023
  • Sheet size, mm 108х142
  • Stamp size, mm 37,8х52
  • The number of stamps in the sheet 4

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