Philatelic subscription for the second half of 2023

This product has a maximum quantity of 1

Philatelic subscription for the second half of 2023


Cost 400.00 грн


A philatelic subscription is a well-known worldwide tool for purchasing philatelic products: when, for a certain fee, the postal administration reserves for the client the ordered quantity of products planned for issue in the current year, and he is obliged to buy them in full. Limited products are usually delivered by subscription, such as covers "First Day" with cancellation or limited stamps. At the same time, the philatelic subscription holder does not have to line up, wait for "limited" issues on the secondary market for crazy money. So the advantages are obvious.
In 2023, collectors can expect issues in honor of the liberation of the occupied territories, Ukrainian children from whom russia stole their childhoods, dedication of volunteers, hero cities, etc. and, of course, the most anticipated issue - in honor of our VICTORY!

  • The following types of products are supplied with a philatelic subscription (if they are included in the thematic issue): decorative postage stamps in a sheet or postage block, a cover with cancellation "First day. Kyiv", an unstamped decorative cover and a card that come with the postage stamp (hereinafter - the set)

  • Products that were issued by Ukrposhta before the subscription date are not delivered.

  • When purchasing a philatelic subscription, the client has the right to choose the required number of sets of products - from 1 to 3.

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