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Book with stamps "Postage stamps of Ukraine 2018" (without EUROPA blocks)

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Book with stamps "Postage stamps of Ukraine 2018" (without EUROPA blocks)

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The presentation annual book "Postage stamps of Ukraine" contains a complete set of postage stamps, blocks, and stamp sheets issued by Ukrposhta during the year. Individual issues of postage stamps have already become scarce and cannot be found in philatelic shops of Ukrposhta.

Each issue is accompanied by an artistic description and technical specifications in two languages ​​- Ukrainian and English. The book also features First Day envelopes with First Day cancellation.

Postage stamps are embedded in the book with the help of astrip, which ensures their safe storage and mobility.

List of postage stamps included in the book: block “State signets of Ukraine” of four stamps, stamp No. 1626 “Oleksandr Shalimov. 1918-2006”, stamp No. 1631 “Olympic Team of Ukraine”, definitive postage stamp No. 1632 “Lokachi village, Volyn Region”, stamp No. 1633 “Stolen Princess. Ruslan and Liudmyla”, stamp No. 1634 “Hamster of Vinnytsia. “Stolen Princess. Ruslan and Liudmyla”, block No. 157 “Trypillia. Cultural epochs of Ukraine”,  stamp No. 1637 “The 100th Anniversary of raising Ukrainian flag by the ships of the Black Sea Navy Fleet (April 29, 1918)”, stamp No. 1638 “Suprematist composition 1 (1916). Kazimir Malevich. 1878-1935”, stamp No.1639 “UEFA Champions League Final  Kyiv 2018”, stamp No. 1644 “Mykhailo Vrubel. The Girl Against the Background of Persian Carpet. 1886”, The stamp No. 1640 “Bridge of four Evangelists”,  The stamp No. 1641 “Viaduk, Plebanivka village”, postage stamps “Insects of Ukraine in a stamp sheet of seven stamps, The stamp No. 1655 “ Valeriana officinalis L.”, The stamp No. 1656 “Pulmonaria obscura Dumort”, The stamp No. 1657 “Rosa canina L.”, The stamp No. 1658 “Hypericum maculatum Crantz”, stamp No. 1659 “Selman Waksman. 1888-1973”, block No. 160 “Mykhailo Vrubel. 1856-1910” of three stamps, Stamp No. 1660 “O.Hudyma. Fiancee”, Stamp No.1661 “V. Maksymovych. Kiss”, Stamp No. 1662 “V.Barynova-Kuleba. Mother and a child”, stamp No. 1663 “Andrii Kuzmenko. 1968-2015. Skriabin”, block No. 161 “The Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine. Kharkiv Region”, The stamp No. 1668 “Dormition Cathedral, Kharkiv”, block No.162 “First Ukrainian postage stamps of the period of Liberation 1917-1921”, block No.163 “Trident on state coat of arms of Ukraine of the period of Liberation of 1917-1921” of two stamps, block No. 164 “Ukrainian unit of currency – hryvnia” of two stamps, The stamp No. № 1675 “Fighter “Brand”, The stamp No. № 1676 “Fighter “Lieshyi”, Stamp No. 1677 “First electric tramway”, Stamp No. 1678 “Piezomotor”, Stamp No. 1679 “Corneal transplantation”, stamps of the series “Ukrainian alphabet” No.No. 1680, 1681, 1682, 1683, 1684, 1685, 1686, 1687, 1688, 1689, 1690 in stamp sheet, stamp No. 1691 “Chiken Kyiv”, stamp No.1692 “Borys Paton. 100 years”, block No.165 “Carpathian Biosphere Reserve”, stamp No.1699 “Ukrainian paralimiacs in PyeongChang 2018”, block No. 166 “Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine. Chernihiv Region”, Stamp No. 1704 “Catherine’s Church, Chernihiv”, stamp No.1705 “Happy New Year! Year of the Pig”, Stamp No. 1706 “Shirt (fragment). Vinnytsia Region”, Stamp No. 1707 “Rushnyk (towel) (fragment). Poltava Region”, Stamp No.  1708 “Shirt (fragment). Kyiv Region”, Stamp No. 1709 “Shawl” (fragment). Lviv Region”, stamp No. 1710 “St.Nicolas”, block No.167 “Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine. Sumy Region”, Stamp No. 1715 “Icon of Holy Mother of Okhtyr, 19th c”, block No.168 “Joint issue Ukraine-Moldova. Church bells” of two stamps.


  • Issue date 2019
  • Printing 1500

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