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Set with cancellation «Crimean bridge encore!»

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Set with cancellation «Crimean bridge encore!»

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The stamp "Crimean bridge encore!" was put into circulation in November 2022 as a reminder of the first explosive incident that took place on October 8 of that year and led to partial damage to the key transport structure for the aggressor. 

The stamp depicts a scene from the movie about the famous Titanic, whose myth of unsinkability was believed as sincerely as the Crimean Bridge was a symbol of the eternal connection between Ukrainian Crimea and Russia.  

In addition to the main plot, the stamp has other interesting details: a cigarette butt in the heroine's hand is a hint that the occupiers often smoke in forbidden places; an enemy car flying into the abyss, losing its loot; a bayraktar "accidentally" flying over the bridge; a broken enemy tank that was being transported by the occupiers to the front as part of a convoy.

Set with cancellation "Crimean bridge encore!" includes: a stamp sheet, a C6 envelope "First Day" with a redemption "First Day. Kyiv", an artistic envelope C6, a card.


  • Artist Yuriy Shapoval
  • Issue date 04.11.2022

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