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Sheet "National minorities in Ukraine. Roma. Gypsy kibitka"

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Sheet "National minorities in Ukraine. Roma. Gypsy kibitka"

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Unlike other national minorities, the Roma do not have a historical homeland, and therefore their own state. Roma people appeared on Ukrainian lands around the 15th century. They moved here from the countries of Southern and Central Europe. In modern Ukraine, the largest number of representatives of the Roma national minority live in Zakarpattia and Odesa regions. Blacksmithing, carpentry, and trade are typical crafts of the Roma. Due to their predominantly nomadic lifestyle, they know horses very well. Being creatively gifted by nature, Roma are excellent masters of singing and dancing. The Roma are the second largest ethnic group that suffered genocide during the Second World War.

Today, they are a socially vulnerable group both in Europe as a whole and in Ukraine in particular.


  • Artist Mykola Kochubey
  • Issue date 30.09.2017
  • Printing 130 000
  • Nominal value 5
  • Ukrposhta catalogue number 1601
  • The number of stamps in the sheet 12

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