Postage set "The Crimean bridge for an encore!"

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Postage set "The Crimean bridge for an encore!"

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Following the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which were the first to congratulate Putin on his 70th birthday by presenting him with a fire show on the Crimean Bridge, Ukrposhta announced its gift to the head of the terrorist state. The postal operator announced the release of “The Crimean bridge encore!" postage stamp.

Since millions of experts, diplomats, politicians and ordinary people from all over the world are focused on the theater of war in Ukraine, and not all of them understand the sacred significance of the Crimean bridge for russia and the importance of its damage for the course of the Ukrainian-russian war, it was decided to use a scene from a famous movie. In the same way that the myth of the unsinkability of the steamship spread, so russia built the myth that the Crimean bridge is a symbol of the eternal connection of the Ukrainian Crimea with russia.

Printing run of stamps – 2,1 million copies. The face value of the stamp M (for bridge), which is equal to the cost of UAH 18 per stamp or UAH 126 per sheet of 7 stamps. Cover "First Day", unstamped decorative cover and a card will be issued for the stamp. In addition to the main plot, the stamp contains several interesting details and hints: a cigarette butt in the hands of the heroine, as evidence that recently the occupiers suffer a lot from smoking in prohibited places, passenger car of the occupiers, which drove into the abyss, losing looted washing machines and other goods, Bayraktar that "accidentally" flew over the bridge, a broken enemy tank, which was transported to the front by the occupiers as part of a convoy.

The author is Yurii Shapoval, a Ukrainian artist-painter, who works in the technique of painting, graphics and installation. He graduated from Poltava National Technical University named after Yurii Kondratiuk. Participant of all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions and plein airs.

The Crimean bridge, which connects the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula with russia, is an illegal construction (illegally built), which, as part of the full-scale war started by russia on February 24, 2022, is actively used by the occupiers to reinforce their army.


  • Author Yuriy Shapoval
  • Issue date 04.11.2022
  • Face value of each postage stamp М
  • The size of the postage stamp sheet 28×40 mm
  • The quantity of postage stamps in the sheet 7+2 coupons
  • Print run of the postage stamp sheet 2,100,000 copies

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