Postage set "Sarmatians" + charitable postal issues

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Postage set "Sarmatians" + charitable postal issues

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Do you want to have a limited edition in your collection - a postaпу block "Cultural epochs of Ukraine. Sarmatians", issued by Ukrposhta with a circulation of 20,000 copies, but you don't have a philatelic subscription? Buy this set, which, in addition to the postage block, contains three wartime Ukrposhta‘s  charity issues, part of the price of which will be directed to good causes - aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the purchase of a mechanized demining machine, aid to animal shelters, and to the reconstruction of the Skovorody Museum destroyed by the invaders on Kharkiv region.   Sarmatians are Iranian-speaking nomadic tribes who lived in the steppes from the Urals to the Danube during the Early Iron Age. During the II century B.C. - IV century A.C. the Ukrainian steppes were inhabited by the Sarmatian tribes of Roxolans, Yazigs, Aors and Alans.


  • Authors S. Haruk and O. Haruk.
  • Issue date 27.09.2022
  • Printing 20,000 copies
  • Ukrposhta catalogue number 2002 (197)
  • Block format 60,34х40,40 mm

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