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Block "Heroic proffessions. Iron men"

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Block "Heroic proffessions. Iron men"

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The "Heroic Professions" postal series is dedicated to people of various specialties who work bravely and selflessly for the victory of Ukraine. The series began in 2023 with the "Warriors of Light. Warriors of Good" and continues with the "Iron Men" issue, which is dedicated to the heroic work of railway workers. During the large-scale war, Ukrzaliznytsia became a symbol of national resilience: evacuation of more than 4 million people, uninterrupted freight and passenger traffic, fire and repair assistance in eliminating the consequences of missile strikes, and restoration of communication to de-occupied cities. “Iron Men” postal block is one of the many stories of heroism and resilience of railway workers. May 3, 2023: shelling of Kherson, a hit to the train station - a carriage is on fire, a conductor is wounded. Despite the chaos and air raid alert, the railway workers acted in a coordinated and professional manner: they unhooked the flaming car, provided medical assistance to the conductor, and quickly put passengers into the surviving cars. Train #109 Kherson – Lviv departed from Kherson station with a 14-minute delay. And on May 4, at 10:18 a.m., it arrived in Lviv on schedule. Thanks to the courageous work of the railroaders, the passengers were rescued and taken to safety! Today, in wartime, Ukrzaliznytsia continues to transport passengers, including world politicians, launching new international routes, developing passenger services, and creating a barrier-free environment.


  • Artist Viktor Grudakov
  • Issue date 01.11.2023
  • Printing 150 000
  • Nominal value Wx2
  • Ukrposhta catalogue number 205 (2064-2065)
  • Block size, mm 96х63
  • Stamp size, mm 38,28х38,28
  • The number of stamps in the block 2

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