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Sheet "Knights of the Spirit. Activists of the Ukrainian human rights movement "

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Sheet "Knights of the Spirit. Activists of the Ukrainian human rights movement "

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Spirituality was their highest value. Although each of them has a difficult life and they did not submit to the system. No tyrant could take away the most important thing from them: freedom of thought.

Mykhailo Horyn (1930-2013) was a public and political figure, human rights activist, dissident and political prisoner of the Soviet era. He participated in the work of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group. He was repeatedly arrested for "anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda." For a long time he was in the camps of a particularly strict regime.

Mykola Rudenko (1920–2004) - Ukrainian writer and playwright (author of many novels, science fiction, poetry, economic and cosmological research), philosopher, public figure, founder and chairman of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, Hero of Ukraine, longtime political prisoner of the Soviet prisons and camps.

Sviatoslav Karavansky (1920–2016) - linguist, poet, translator, journalist. A long-term prisoner of concentration camps. He spent a total of 31 years in captivity. Member of the OUN. He took an active part in the public life of the country.


  • Author Vasyl Vasylenko
  • Issue date 20.11.2020
  • Printing 100 000 copies
  • Nominal value Vx3
  • Ukrposhta catalogue number 1868-1870

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