Sheet "Killer Wheels. Europa"

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Sheet "Killer Wheels. Europa"

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Preservation of natural landscapes, ecosystems and the uniqueness of the Carpathians is one of the main tasks not only of Ukraine, but also of Europe. The Ukrainian Carpathians are a natural wonder. Broad-leaved forests grow here, which have hardly been affected by human activity - beech primeval forests. They are rare and vulnerable ecosystems and constitute the European epicenter of wildlife, integrity and functionality. The largest center of beech forests in Europe is located on the territory of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve.

With the release of the "Cry of the Carpathians" and "Killing Wheels" postage stamps, Ukrposhta draws the public's attention to the nature of the Carpathians, which is being destroyed at an alarming rate. The "Killer Wheels" postage stamp shows an iron mechanism crushing the planet's trees "into blood", and the "Crying of the Carpathians" stamp with the silhouette of a roaring bear symbolizes animals that suffer from human activities.


  • Artist Olga Symonenko
  • Issue date 09.06.2021
  • Printing 100 000
  • Ukrposhta catalogue number 1906
  • The number of stamps in the sheet 6

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