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Yearset of postage stamps of Ukraine in souvenir cover 2013

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Yearset of postage stamps of Ukraine in souvenir cover 2013

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The yearset of postage stamps of Ukraine 2013 contains a complete set of postage stamps, blocks, and stamp sheets issued by Ukrposhta during the year. Individual issues of postage stamps have already become scarce and cannot be found in philatelic shops of Ukrposhta. List of postage stamps included in the set:

Postage block The beauty and greatness of Ukraine. Vinnytsia region (2x2.00; 2.50; 4.80) 4 stamps

postage stamp Volodymyr Vernadsky (2.00)

postage stamp Mykola Storozhenko Gonta and Zaliznyak (3.30)

postage stamp Oleksandr Ivakhnenko Churayivna (Dolya) (4.80)

postage stamp Semyon Gulak-Artemovskyi. 200 from birthday (2.00)

postage stamp Wagon-hopper model 19-7017-01 (2.50)

postal stamp Semi-wagon model 12-791 (2.00)

postal stamp Wagon model 20-7032 (2.50)

postage stamp Cistern. Model 15-1547-03 (2.00) postage stamp International Airport Kyiv BoryspilTerminal D (2.00)

postal stamp of the village of Hurzuf. Southern coast of Crimea (2.50)

postage stamp Yevdokym Voloshinyv Pumpkins (2.00)

postage stamp Happy Easter! (2.00)

postage stamp of 1150. Slavic writing (2.50)

postage stamp Sevastopol. Cathedral in Chersonesos (3.30)

postage stamp of Dnipropetrovsk. The beauty and greatness of Ukraine (2.00)

postage stamp Airplane AN-158 (2.00) postage stamp Vinnytsia Kalanchoe (2.00)

postal stamp History of national connection (2.00)

postage stamp Vira Kholodna. 120 years from the date of birth (2.00)

postage stamp Kyiv is ours! (2.00)

postage stamp 150 r. from the day of birth O. Kobylyanska. 1863-1942 (2.00)

postage stamp Merry Christmas! (angel) (2.00)

postage stamp Mykola Amosov. 1913-2002 (2.00)

postal stamp Moskvich 400-MAZ 5440 Europe 2013 (4.00; 5.60) Hook 2stamps

postage stamp International Children's Day (2x2.00) Hook 2m

postage stamp Ukraine-Morocco (2.00; 3.30) Clip 2m postal stamp Joint issue of Ukraine-Romania (2.00; 3.30) Clip 2st

Postal block 900 r. Statute of Volodymyr Monomakh (6.40)

postal block The beauty and greatness of Ukraine. Autonomous Republic of Crimea (2x2.00; 2x2.50; 4.80) 5st

postage block 100 years The first Russian Olympics. Kyiv (4.80)

postage block 900 years of the annals Tale of past years (5.70)

postage block 1025 years of the Baptism of Kyivan Rus (5.40)

postage block Bread-all the head (2x2.00; 2x2.50; 4.80) Block 5st

postage block Beauty and greatness of Ukr. Dniprop. oblast. (2x2.00; 2.50; 3.30) 4 st

postage block St.-Usikn. Lyadivskyi monastery. 1000 r. (4,30)

postage block Shchedra Ukraine. Autumn (2x2.00; 2.50; 3.30) 4 st

postage block Ukrainian yard (2x2.00; 2x2.50) 4st

postage block Pectoral (2x4.00; 2x5.60) 4st

postage block Eastern horoscope. Mouse-Snake (6x2.50) 6st

postage block Eastern horoscope. Horse-Pig (6x2.50) 6st


  • Issue date 2013