Art postcard (audio) "Fight - already fight". Denys Prokopenko (Redis)

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Art postcard (audio) "Fight - already fight". Denys Prokopenko (Redis)

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The project "Fight - already overcome" includes 12 audio postcards with personal stories of heroes and heroines about what is close to each of us. Words travel kilometers to tell about our unity and cheer the Ukrainian heart.

Order an art sheet, scan the QR code and listen to the sincere story of Kateryna Prokopenko on behalf of Denys Prokopenko (Redis), the commander of the legendary "Azov" regiment and the defender of Mariupol and the "Azovstal" plant.

 Also, know that you are joining a charitable initiative: 30 hryvnias from each art flyer will go towards the purchase of iron birds for the Armed Forces.

 The illustrator is Kateryna Prokopenko


  • Printing 10 000
  • Size 147*100 mm

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